Is Smoking Cigars Bad For You?

More detailed tips for tasting the most flavors from a cigar:

A research review reveals smoking and weight loss can never go hand in hand. The most talked about issue of the day is the obesity of the population of many of the largest countries in the world.

A statistical observation by the United States center for disease control and prevention points out that more women are quitting smoking than men. Data collected by the center puts the percentage of women smokers at 20% which is even higher than it was in 2003 when the figures of women smokers was only 19.2% compared to male smokers at 24.1%.

The opinion holds that exposure to cigar smoking may cause damage to a womans fertility. A study compiled about embryo quality and fertilization, divided into three groups. It stated there was clear evidence of differences in the pregnancy rates per embryo transfer, it is around 48% with non smokers, the smokers around 19% and with the others 20%.

Smoking and impotence have practically no relationship. As of now it has been found that smoking cigars invites innumerable deadly diseasse like lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, erectile dysfunction to name but a few. The ill effects of smoking can also affect the digestive system and also cause you to have a lower ability to taste the foods you eat.

Quitting smoking is possible if you think you are ready! If not think again as the reasons below answer the question Is Smoking Cigars Bad For You?

  • High Risk of cancer

  • The amount of money you spend on your habit

  • Bad breath

  • Stained teeth and fingers

  • Cough and sore throat.

  • Breathing problems

  • Fatigue

  • Wrinkles

  • Arguments with friends or loved ones caused by iritability

  • Spouse who wants you to stop smoking

  • Heart disease risk

  • Gum disease etc.

Is it worth all this risk?


19 thoughts on “Is Smoking Cigars Bad For You?”

  1. Just got Into cigar smoking.

    I been watching a few of your vids. I was drawing with my lungs before. I’m
    sure glad I watched this video. I’ll be pulling my draw with my jaw next
    time around! Hopefully now I can make out different flavors, with this new

  2. Thank you. Great primer. A co worked gave me a Cuban tody and I did not
    want to waste it. After watching this I feel it will be a decent experience

  3. great video. the only thing i would add is, for new smokers, if you’re
    going to smoke a full bodied cigar make sure to have a full stomach or it
    will make you feel sick.

  4. Is it still harmful een tho you dont breath in? Sorry for my dumbness..
    Rather smoke that then cigarrets and fuck up my lungs

  5. HELP I’m 19 and have one every now and then for a special occasion. I don’t
    smoke anything else, and never been a cigarette smoker. I’ve smoked a few
    before and I did yesterday with my best friend, I smoked it completely
    within 30 min and about 20 in felt a nice head rush the it went really
    harsh and I threw up and started sweating a lot and the sickness feeling
    lasted over a hour. Did I smoke it to fast? Or will I have this problem
    every time I smoke one? I only smoke one about once or twice a year so I’m
    not planning on getting any more “used” to it 

  6. Very nice video. I enjoyed seeing it because you seem to enjoy cigars a lot
    (as I do). I had allways been more atracted by the aroma (smelling the
    smoke) than the flavor in my mouth. But that´s not too healthy because I
    inhale more smoke than I should. So, I let some of the smoke out of my
    mouth and smell it and I the rest the rest go out on my sinus. Not every
    smoke. Anyway, as you point out: it´s just opinions. Hope some time we´ll
    share a good cigar.

  7. Awesome video thank you for posting this Bryan. Concerning lighting a cigar
    i’m completely onboard with you. I’ve actually found that when you char the
    tobacco (I.E. Putting the flame directly on the cigar) it makes fully
    lighting the tobacco harder. 

  8. I need help!! My brother is having a son soon and I need help with picking
    cigars for us to smoke? This is our first time with cigars so any info will
    help me. 

  9. Do you hold your breath while you’re holding it in your mouth? I feel like
    I am gonna inhale unless I hold my breath, but I don’t get a lot of flavor
    because of this. I’m over complicating the draw process out of fear I am
    going to inhale.

  10. Thank you 🙂
    Now I can have my time and ENJOY my cigar while listening listening music
    outside while looking stars.
    Greetings from Finland!

  11. Thanks for the video I’m quitting cigarettes and starting on cigars this is
    very helpful anyone who has anything bad to say is dumb

  12. Thanks for the video. It’s always great to hear what seasoned cigar smokers
    have to say about their preferred methods. 

  13. Thanks for the great, informative video! I used to smoke (for about 1/4 the
    time you did)… and I miss certain aspects of it…mostly, doing it in
    company. I have wanted to enter the world of cigars for some time, but it
    can feel very much like a boys club. Knowing a little going in will help me
    feel legit -not like some sort of interloper doing it for effect.

    …my only question is about ashing…any thoughts/tips there?

    Thanks again!

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