E Puffer E Cigar

Epuffer are one of the most popular ecigars on the market. You can find out more by clicking the image below:


The ePuffer Disposable Electronic Cigar showcases premium Cuban Cigar taste and also lasts for about 1800 puffs, which is equivalent of around 10-12 cigars. The ePuffer non reusable e cigar comes totally charged as well as ready to use out of the box.

The flavor is as tasty as a real stogie yet cleaner as well as a lot more purified, which is making ePuffer ECIGAR D1800 the first choice for cigar smoking at home.


  • The gadget has no fire, no tobacco and no damaging cancer causing active ingredients
  • The cigar is disposable, so when the electric battery has diminished you will need to buy one another one
  • The pointer of the cigar brightens as you breathe in
  • Soft mouth piece
  • Substitute smoke is produced as you exhale. This is simply vapor and it vaporizes in secs
  • Size:  16-18mm, Length: 151mm, Weight: 35g, Ring gauge: 48

The ePuffer Disposable Stogie is available in Premium Cuban Cigar tobacco taste.

Grab your EPuffer ECigar HERE



25 thoughts on “E Puffer E Cigar”

  1. At least you take a good hit lol i swear i saw this review of these and the
    guy was like barely hitting it and there was a tiny little bit of vapor, i
    mean just my opinion, if your gonna do a review at least get a good hit so
    people can see the vapor production. Youve always been good about it but
    theres some reviewers that hit it like they never even smoked before. it
    just irritates me because why even vape let alone do a review if your not
    really gonna take a hit. sorry just had to vent

  2. I have heard good things about white cloud, but they don’t sell them around
    here. I’ll check out the website though. I’m really no fan of disposables
    and only reviewed the Seminole’s because I wanted to try the SafeCig
    flavors that I like.

  3. Chris, is it true that Marlboro bought BLU cig ? I also heard Marlboro was
    going to come out with their own ecig…….. what a joke!!!

  4. The people that own newport biught blu. And another big tobacco is coming
    out with an ecig,yes. Currently only available in colorado its called vuse

  5. Hey i have $200 worth of brand new eon smoke stuff like the carging pack 4
    packs of cartos unopened a starter kit and stuff would trade for a
    halo,never tried h

  6. They are 14mg nic and not as much throat hit as I was expecting. I’m gonna
    order some of the regular 7 pack of refill cartridges and see if those are
    a little better.

  7. Actually Lorilard bought Blucig…they are the company that owns Newport.
    And yea all the big tobacco companies are now gonna make their own ecigs.
    And I hear ya about it being a joke, they had 100 years to make a safer
    cigarette and never bothered untill there profits margins got hurt by ecig

  8. Have you ever mixed your own e-juice yet? I’m going to give it a whirl with
    a few flavors and see how they turn out.Would you care to review them when
    they are done? I will make sure the ones i send are heavy on the VG side
    and 12mg Nic.

  9. You should invest in a usb condenser microphone and stand, the two together
    shouldn’t run you more than $100.00. If you don’t want it in frame, you can
    just position it above your head, great clear sound quality meaning you
    won’t have to speak as loudly.

  10. Hey Shel actually it’s one or the other. You either get the 3 or 4
    disposables for $20 to try it, then you throw them away when done.
    Otherwise you can get the rechargeable starter kit that cost like $80, and
    this will come with the rechargeable batteries the chargers and some
    cartridges…basically everything you need to start vaping. Then you can
    just buy replacement cartridges for a few bucks a piece and you just
    recharge the battery. Disposables are good to try it without a huge

  11. Thought I would let you all know. Seminole is having a 50% off sale. Got a
    deluxe starter kit with 3 refill packs and a max battery for 29.99.

  12. hey great videos I had a question about the Tribe Variety Disposable 4 pack
    how was the taste and what is your opinion on them was curious before I
    order it

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