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Can the smokeless cigar supply a practical smoking encounter? This is the very first thought that came to my mind when I first became aware of e-cigars and also no doubt you’re also asking yourself “exactly how near the real thing are they?” I ‘d like to share my electronic cigar testimonial with you in the hopes that it will certainly offer you a more clear idea of just what to anticipate once you decide to try it out.

Cigar smokers enjoy their cigars. If you are a cigar smoker then you know exactly what I’m saying – Yes?. For several cigar smokers it is a love hate relationship. You understand it’s bad for you yet you appreciate the experience and the real ritual of cigar smoking. That’s why nicotine distribution choices like gum as well as the patch do not suffice … they do not replicate the real experience of smoking cigars. Oh and the smell! Amazing!

This is where the e cigar comes in. It claims to replicate a genuine smoking cigar experience yet without the very same health and wellness threats as well as other drawbacks of smoking cigars. And guess what? It does a pretty good job. It might not be specifically the very same however the resemblances are terrific enough to please most smokers.

When I initially became aware of electric smoking I believed it was a joke. I mean really … a battery powered cigar? You have actually got to be joking! It has not been until recently (after listening to several benefit evaluations) that I ultimately made a decision to try it for myself.

I have to confess, I was pleasantly surprised … The experience of the vapor is unbelievably similar to genuine cigar smoke. The vapor has a heat to it and it feels like actual smoke when you breathe in. You additionally acquire that immediate nicotine feeling which is really rewarding.

The taste, too, was a whole lot like tobacco but not precisely. It was a bit smoother and cleaner and also I found myself in fact preferring the flavor. I understand that other tastes are offered like menthol, vanilla, fruit, and so on, but I really did not try any of those.

When you blow out the vapor you view a cloud that looks specifically like smoke however without the smell that lets face it does tend to hang around! In fact the smell is virtually odorless and the cloud (which is merely vaporized water and nicotine) rapidly vanishes without a trace. The fact that the breath, hands, hair as well as garments don’t have an odor is a huge plus! It will make your wife happy too!

Another massive plus for me is the price. Although you have the initial outlay, ecigars have so many puffs in each battery that you do end up saving money.

I recognize smoking is bad, however now there is a more healthy and more cost efficient option. I hope my e cigar review aided you to make a decision if this is something that could profit you or an individual you like. If you’re a cigar smoker I highly suggest offering the vapor cigar a shot … you could find yourself changing the way you smoke for life.

21 thoughts on “E Cigar Review”

  1. 26 mg is HUDGE!!! In France the maximum i found there is 19 mg.

    I have heard that the maximum ( dont know which country) is 36mg… Must be

  2. hmm, good review dan! the product looks actually fantastic, that price
    however, is pretty high. will stay away from it, but otherwise its just an
    aesthetic vaporizer :P

  3. High nicotine allways mess up flavor but it’s ok if the flavor is tobacco
    one. Great review! KEEP VAPING!

  4. The production doesn’t look that great for such a large unit..iv got an
    Aspire tank on a iTaste VV and the aspire tanks are INCREDIBLE. I suggest
    you try some. Dual coils and all

  5. You can do what u like Dan, but personally I love your videos that you do
    inside your car. It just feels different.

  6. just a side note my good sir i have the same focus problem the thing is
    regardless of rings camras will auto focus on tattoos aswell so i try
    pulling a sleeve down when i want something to focus but i bought one of
    these last month and its pretty cool its more of a paly thing for me its
    when am out with mates and that more of a conversation starter than a
    enjoyable vape

  7. Maybe I missed it in your review but does it “feel” like a real cigar? Is
    it hard like plastic or is it a bit spongy in the hand? Thanks for the
    great review!!

  8. New to vaping and was wondering if anybody could help me. What is the
    lifespan of this? would I need to frequently buy replacement clearomizers?

  9. after wathching this review I plopped down the cash to get this baby.
    Amazing looking cigar. Unfortunately when I recieved it one of the
    cartomizers kept spitting e juice in my mouth after puffing on it and so
    on. Called the guys up and they immediately replied telling me to send it
    in for a replacement, no questions asked so they were great in that regard,
    overall the product is amazing. Got told to put the cigar out when vaping
    out at bars lol you wont regret buying it.

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