Cuvana E Cigar

This is the best Electronic Cigar or E Cigar I have found.

Grab your Cuvana ECigar by clicking the image below and click on the E-Cigars tab near the top of the page:


Cuvana is favored in the e-cigar market because of it’s genuine, abundant tobacco preference. This non reusable version looks virtually identical to a typical hand rolled stogie. It is very practical looking as a result of its full size and also highly detailed design, to the level that it will certainly even trick you right into assuming that you are smoking a real cigar. It is common to see first time users to try to snap an ash off this e-cigar. The taste is spot on and also it has a complete throat-hit with sufficient vapor. The Cuvana resemblance is second-to-none and also the taste tops any one of the recent competitors out there. You could get up to 1200 puffs out of the Cuvana– it will get you through whatever event calls for a great stogie! Some say the Cuvana ECigar is the best disposable e-cigar on the market!

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25 thoughts on “Cuvana E Cigar”

  1. Just use the link that I put under the video, use the tiny url that says
    BestE-Cigar. They are a good reputable company and make the best ecigar on
    the market.

  2. I just tried the Square e-cigarette (menthol); …cheap piece of shit! They
    taste like used Robutussin to make the juice. I mean it might help if
    you’ve got a cold but other than that I would NOT recommend them to anyone.
    And unlike better cigarettes where the atomizer works the moment you drag
    on it, the atomizer on the Square has a button that you push for it to
    work…I would gladly pay the full price for a good cigarette than paying
    what I did for these. Im gonna go get my money back!

  3. I’m very sorry to hear about this, and I do realize they consider these
    ecigars to be disposables and therefore not covered under warranty…but
    like you said that in no way excuses their product not working in the first
    place. I will mention customer service in a review, and I will also contact
    smoke tip and let them know I am not happy. I reffer a lot of traffic for
    them, so believe me they will not like hearing from me. Sorry again, and I
    am reviewing a new rechargeable ecigar next week.

  4. No that’s not right. Mine lasted like a month! I never heard any complaints
    about this products till recently, and my review is almost a year old…so
    maybe they are going downhill recently. I will look into it, and link to a
    different brand if SmokeTip isn’t living up to my good review of them. I am
    really sorry to hear you lost $20 on this. I will be reviewing a new
    rechargeable next week, and maybe looking for another disposable ecigar to
    replace smoketip. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I bought the e-cigar after your recommendation, this was my first vapor
    product purchase and when the product arrived it did not work.

  6. Extremely disappointed. Opened package & it didn’t work . . . at all.
    Called smoketip & they said there are no returns. I explained it is
    defective & they said no returns. I emailed the supervisor & he said no
    returns. No problem–I cancelled the charge card transaction and will post
    bad reviews. How do they stay in business sending out products that don’t
    work? No ethics. Will never buy from them again.

  7. if people have a first time issue with this e cigar all banks world wide
    can do a 24 to 45 day disput and get you your monies back just call them
    and tell them you will like to start up a dispute on the charge for 25 or
    so and you will have to go down there and fill it out this will not hurt
    you nor your bank they just yank back the funds for legailty perpose all
    banks do it world wide they do not recommend it but it is ok for a one time

  8. I bought one of these cigars based on this review and I am very happy with
    it. To those who said it didn’t work when you received it, are you sure you
    removed the small pieces of tape that cover the air holes? Are you sure you
    aren’t accidentally covering the air intake hole with your fingers when you
    try to puff on the cigar?

  9. I have bought dozens of disposable E Cigars. Generally smoked well,
    however, several did not last for more than 1 day, and some only 2 days.
    When I requested refund or replacement for the defective e-cigars, I was
    informed that they would not stand behind their product. Bummer.

  10. Hi, I purchased one cigars few weeks ago and I opened he package and tried
    taking a puff, well it did not work right out o the package, I then emailed
    them to ask for a new cigar and they refused, said no refunds, or
    replacements under any situation, I wrote them several times and still too
    bad fo me, so they took my 21 bucks and sent me a bogus cigar that didn’t
    work and said too bad for you, we’ll keep your money but we won’t give you
    any product, HO DOES A COMPANY DO BUSINESS LIKE THAT, will someone tell

  11. I got the Apollo eCigar and fucking hell it’s delicious. It’s so sweet and
    tastes of holiday spices

  12. So I thought I’d try this e-cigar product based on the positive review here
    by IndoorSmokers. (This even after trying a competitive product (Cigavette
    Cuvana) and being very satisfied, but wanted to try.) I ordered 3 units; 1
    “Havana” and 2 “Cuban”. The Havana was DOA. I contacted their HelpDesk and
    my request for an exchange was DENIED. I understand their “disclaimer”, but
    to have paid $18 for a dud and they will do nothing about it? Nice. And it
    was a COMPLETE dud. No action. No light up. DOA. And the design of the
    Havana was completely different than the Cuban; the end was different, the
    design was different (some sort of “air hole” to reveal or protect…not
    the same on the Cubans), and the packaging was also different (as if
    someone else had returned it…it was secured by a piece of Scotch
    tape…and the Cubans were NOT). This is disappointing and I’ll be going
    back to the Cigavette Cuvana ASAP.

  13. Oh look at that a Drug-free Cigar it’s nice there Doing good deeds for you
    Drinkers & Smokers for me I do NONE but Vapor is better without the Risk of
    Getting High or I might be wrong

  14. No offense but these Pot-Head Consumers are getting what you Want that’s
    great the Right way to Spend money but give everybody a Low Price so People
    don’t Steal Money from ppl like you & me

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