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25 thoughts on “Cigar E Liquid”

  1. hi mate, i have reviewed that 901 but in a different colour and from a
    different supplier. the one in the vid looks great and performs really
    well………..very good for bringing out the flavour of e-liquids 🙂 they
    have a sale on at the moment, so with the discount code on top you will get
    a 19.5% discount T4BE699 cheers, scott

  2. hi mate, to be honest, the best e-cigs are the ones that dont particularly
    look like a real cigarette………..but there are some good ones though.
    check out the EVO, Mirage, super mini or DSE084…….they are good e-cigs
    that look like the real thing 🙂 see my youtube channel or website for the
    reviews:- w w w E-CIG-REVIEWS COM cheers, scott

  3. Ahhh I was wondering when the review for this would appear you’ve been
    waxing lyrical about it for so long lol! I agree very tasty stuff indeed.
    Must give it a go with a DSE for the full flavour. Detect any
    chocolateiness in there? I thought so. Keep up the great reviews man and
    cheers for the email tips!

  4. Im looking to get myself a cigar kit. What cigar to you recommend i get?
    What is the best cigar flavor you have tried, is it a disposable e cigar or
    a juice? if the best cigar is a disposable it has to be refillable. I’m
    just looking for that perfect cigar vape. thanks.

  5. really!!??? the TW cigar juice is probably my favourite
    e-liquid…………….i think its got tons of very strong flavour!!! you
    are the 1st person ive ever known to say that its bland! lol

  6. hi scott ,, i bought some cigar flavour liquid !! i was looking forward to
    have a blast of it but when i did i must say it was rubbish !! it was weak
    !! no flavour of a cigar it was more like a weak choc taste !! im gona send
    it back in case tw have got there labels mixed up !! but the bottle i got
    taste very weak !!! the liberty flights usa turk mix was more stronger and
    better taste !!

  7. hi mate, its been a while since ive had any TW Cigar but as far as i can
    remember id say the flavour is very similar to the VG cigar from LF. i vape
    the 18mg strength and it gives me a good throat hit so im fairly confident
    that the 24mg will give you a good throat hit too 🙂 i wouldnt go for the
    36mg strength personally as i found that it masked the flavour some what
    the TW cigar is exceptionally nice…..go for it mate 🙂 cheers scott

  8. @FlorinU hi mate, i just looked on their site and its the one directly
    underneath “cherry cigar” in the drop down flavour options………..its
    just called “cigar” cheers scott

  9. @igetcha69 hi, thanks Scott, shame isnt it? but hey, i saw uk site to order
    small bottle last week, and they DO have 30ml bottles, for 20 quid!
    ridiculously expensive, and no cheaper buying from their us site either. >:(

  10. for me Liberro’s cigar e-juice is the best, ive tried this, i get a nutty
    flavour. I dont know what they put in Liberro’s cigar juice, its just so
    tasty just love each vape.

  11. i dont think there is any mate…..all the ones ive tried that are meant to
    taste like it are more like Rhubarb and Custard boiled sweets, lol

  12. you so right dude, had a chance to vape on ciggaweed juice, OMG!! couldnt
    get rid of that horrible taste from me gob for hours. if you ever come
    across a decent one let us know. luv ur reviews, u r the man!!!

  13. Having read your review I purchased this Totally Wicked cigar flavour e
    juice.You are miles of the mark on this one.The cigar flavour is very weak
    and goes nowhere to give you the experience of smoking a cigar..Very
    dissapointed.The closest I have come to the real cigar experience is Cubana
    by T Juice.Tried umteen of the so called cigar flavours and the Cubana is
    best by far.

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